Rainbow Farms Mealworm Fertilizer

Approved by Organic Gardening Magazine

After many years of recommending Bone and Blood Meal, the folks at Rodale press (Organic Gardening Magazine) reversed their position and now no longer recommend or advise growers to use blends that contain Bone Meal, Blood Meal or commercial steer and chicken manure. Over past years there has been an increasing number of transmitted diseases to garden soil from the toxins often used; antibiotics, growth hormones and steroids. Not worth the potential health problem, even if it's only a small chance. There are plenty of vegetative sources without having to use animal sources.

– Michael G./ Fertilizer expert, Extension Institution.

Rainbow Farms mealworm castings however, are probably "organic" in the true sense of the word. They are not comprised of elements containing contaminates and is pure mealworm castings and not a blend. Anything else that comes from animal byproducts is suspect and I would not use them."

-Michael G. /Extension Institution


Many have found that Rainbow Farms Mealworm Fertilizer to be the best all natural, all organic all purpose fertilizer for your vegetable garden,

indoor and outside plants and flowers and even your lawn! Fast growing and safe—for your children and pets.

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  • Price: $10.00

LIQUID GRO - 32oz. organic foliar spray concentrate

Spray Concentrate

32oz. spray concentrate refill bottle that will make 1 gal. of foliar spray.

  • Price: $30.00

LIQUID GRO - Organic Cannabis Foliar Spray

LIQUID GRO - Organic Cannabis Foliar Spray

Growing medical marijuana as a medicine by professional growers or the patients themselves should always involve concerns about the fertilizer they use. While the package may clearly state “ORGANIC” in reality, many second generation...

  • Price: $15.00

Liquid Gro Foliar Spray

Liquid Gro Foliar Spray

Rainbow Farms Fertilizer has released a new ready to use foliar spray for organic gardens made from pure mealworm castings. This special formulation contains needed plant minerals for quick and healthy growth: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium,...

  • Price: $9.95

Wet and Dry Cannabis Grow Team Special

~ Wet and Dry Cannabis Grow Team Special ~

~ Wet and Dry Cannabis Grow Team Special ~ ENOUGH ORGANIC FERTILIZER FOR 10 PLANTS! One bag of CANNABIS GRO 16 oz. Dry & Time Release One bottle of LIQUID GRO CONCENTRATE 16 oz. (makes up to 2 gallons of foliar spray) GRO TEAM SPECIAL ~ $20.

  • Price: $20.00

100% Natural 100% Organic


Our mealworms are hand-fed a special diet of wheat bran and raw carrots

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